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Pottery and Tools Recovered from the Carskadon Site Tell a Story

by Richard Herndon, Principal Investigator

Yesterday I introduced the Carskadon Site that CRA excavated during the AOS project. The site has a Middle Woodland occupation (circa A.D. 1–250). Many of the traits observed in the ceramics and lithic artifacts indicated an affiliation with Havana-Hopewell seen elsewhere in the region at this time. Today I’ll expand on the discussion from yesterday. Continue reading

Excavations at the Carskadon Site

Overview of the landscape around the Carskadon site.

Overview of the landscape surrounding the Carskadon site.

by Richard Herndon, Principal Investigator

Carskadon was another site investigated during the course of the AOS project (see http://www.modot.org/ehp/AvenueofSaints.htm on the MoDOT website for a summary of the AOS project). This site was periodically inhabited over the last 2,000 years with the largest occupation occurring during the Middle Woodland (circa A.D. 1–250). Continue reading