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Pottery and Tools Recovered from the Carskadon Site Tell a Story

by Richard Herndon, Principal Investigator

Yesterday I introduced the Carskadon Site that CRA excavated during the AOS project. The site has a Middle Woodland occupation (circa A.D. 1–250). Many of the traits observed in the ceramics and lithic artifacts indicated an affiliation with Havana-Hopewell seen elsewhere in the region at this time. Today I’ll expand on the discussion from yesterday. Continue reading


Just another day at the office

Just another day at the office

Cultural Resource Analysts, Inc. (CRA) has entered the blogosphere. This newly founded CRA blog will feature posts pertinent to the study of earth and man. The idea is to share the knowledge gained over our 30 years invested in the cultural resource management industry with others who also have a passion for learning about the past. The CRA blog will serve as a forum to share both archaeological and architectural historic information with our readers. Our first series of blog posts will feature the Avenue of Saints project in Lewis and Clark Counties, Missouri. The project included 55 different archaeological sites ranging from Early Archaic to Late Woodland temporal periods.

CRA is excited about our adventure into the blogosphere and we look forward to sharing what we get to call “work,” learning about past peoples and unlocking the secrets to the past. Check back regularly to see what’s new at CRA. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information about any projects we post about.