Ron Rood joins CRA as new Director of Operations-Utah

Ron Rood, Director of Operations-Utah

Ron Rood, Director of Operations-Utah

Ronald Rood is the Director of Operations for CRA’s Utah office. Originally from Colorado, Ron moved to Utah in 1996 to take a job as the Utah Assistant State Archaeologist. He stayed in that position for 15 years and then got back into Cultural Resource Management. Ron has a somewhat unusual hobby of collecting road-kill for his ever expanding faunal remains comparative collection, currently consisting of more than 300 specimens. Thankfully, his wife and stepdaughter don’t necessarily mind the occasional dead animal in the outdoor freezer.

Archaeological Background

As an archaeologist, Ron has worked across the Northern Plains, Colorado Rockies, Colorado Plateau and in the Eastern Great Basin. He is especially interested in hunter-gatherer archaeology and while working in Utah, Ron became very interested in Fremont faunal exploitation and in the analysis of human remains from Archaic, Fremont and Anasazi sites. Public outreach and education programs are high on Ron’s list of favorite things because without public support, archaeology in North America would severely suffer. Ron is the volunteer caretaker for Danger Cave State Park in Utah’s west desert and often provides tours of this amazing archaeological site for the public and school groups.

In his free time

Ron lives in Magna, Utah with his wife Suzette who is a 5th grade teacher and his stepdaughter who attends high school. Other family members include three dogs, several cats, a turtle, three rabbits, a tree-frog, two lizards, a pond full of large goldfish, and a transient pigeon named Bud. In his free time, Ron enjoys growing a vegetable garden, growing chili peppers, fishing, playing guitar and ukulele (not at the same time), making guitars from wooden cigar boxes, and making homemade catsup.

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